About Standish

Welcome to the Standish History website

As the name suggests, this site is all about the history of Standish. We hope that this site will become a comprehensive and entertaining archive of the history of the township, but to build it up, we need your help!

What will this website do?

This site has been built as an open forum for building a history of the township of Standish, in the historic county of Lancashire in the north west of England. With 800 years of history to collect, from Radulphus de Stanedis and his many descendants (including the Mayflower’s famous Captain Myles Standish), to the towns industrial heritage, this website aims to be a collection point for contributors to build a comprehensive database of the history of the township.

The site so far lists over 100 events in the history of Standish, with a growing database of articles about historical events sent to us by contributors and visitors alike, and links to a forum to discuss the event. We have provided a page where you can submit your own stories to add to the history, as well as images that show how Standish used to look. Over the years we hope, with your help, to build the site into a comprehensive database of Standish historical event


It is thirty years since the fruits of the labours of the Standish Local History Group started to come out, in the form of several books about a range of subjects such as histories of The Standish Family, St. Wilfrid’s Church and Schools in Standish. This site hopes to introduce the results of their investigations to a new audience. If you are interested in the History of Standish, and wish to help with this project, have a look at our contact page