The Standish and the langtrees

In 1479 there was a quarrel between the Gerard family of Bryn and the Standish and Langtree families. The trouble seems to have flared up in Wigan on Easter Monday between members of these families backed by their retainers. There were some broken heads, but by May 10th Sir Thomas Gerard of Bryn had given

The Battle of Agincourt

In 1415 a John de Standysshe is recorded as being present at Agincourt. He was probably the brother of Ralph Standish, who held the Manor between 1396 and 1418. Others Standishes concerned in the French Wars were: Thomas, who fell sick at Harfleur, Sir Hugh and Christopher, both of the Duxbury branch, and Sir Rowland

William de Standish

William and his wife Alianore had at least two children. There may have been others but no record remains. It was a feature of the times that many children did not survive to maturity and their short lives were not recorded. In 1304 William claimed the advowson of the church at Wigan alleging that an

The Will of Ralph Standish

In 1535 Ralph Standish made a will, the text of which follows: “In Dei nomine Amen the XVIIth day of the moneth of September in the yere of our lord god MCCCCCXXXV, I, Rauf Standissh squier beying in perfite and gud mynde and remembrance make my Testament in maner and form as folowith. That is