by T. C. Porteus

In 1497¬†Ralph Standish¬†married Alice, daughter and co-heir of Sir James Harrington of Wolfage in Northamptonshire. The marriage brought Brixworth Manor into the Standish estates. Amongst the Standish papers is a letter written by Alice (or “Alys”) to her husband Ralph:

“Ryght Worshypfull and most hertely belovyd Bedfellow I command me unto you praying God I hear of your welfare and hyf hyt lyke you to hereof myn I was in gud healthe at the making of thys sympele byll, thankyd be God, praying you to remember when you be at Manchest’ to speke wt your coparcener for the monie to my Lord of St. Andrews in Northampton ye wiche send unto me for hys thynking that he shuld have been payed afor now wiche is now II yeres rent behynd, and also to speyke of ye monie which most be payd at Mychealmasse next enying for apparens in Barton Court. Thankyd be god I and all your householdare in gud health and in the towne ther is no nuse syethyns you went thence but ay yong wenche of keyburs and she is mendyt agayne and thus God preserve you.
Youre bedfelow
Alys Standysshe”